Where to eat



It is a very good option to bring food from home to enjoy the park and take a calm visit to Montjuic. Any corner is good to put to eat but you will find tables in some points of the park that we indicate to you next.


Spread across the mountain there are several houses where you can have a coffee, eat an ice cream or drink something fresh. They also have the possibility to eat something fast. They are located in different parks with terrace tables to enjoy the mountain and rest a while enjoying a snack.


The restaurants in the mountain of Montjuïc vary from menu restaurants where you can eat well at a reasonable price, to luxury restaurants where the menu has higher prices offering a more select service. In several museums and tourist spots have restaurants where you can eat.

Montjuïc is a mountain with many tourist spots, it is important to plan where to eat and what to eat to make the desired visits and not to die of hunger in the attempt. The options are varied, from a picnic taking the prepared food to eating in a restaurant with a certain category not suitable for all budgets. Between these two options there are several menu restaurants near different tourist points with a quality price more than acceptable. There are also bars where you can eat a sandwich or have a coffee spread around the parks of Montjuïc.